When a dog bites, attacks or claws an individual, the victim often sustains injuries, one of which is scarring.

Unfortunately, some scars simply cannot be erased, even with the best medical care. The dog may have bitten delicate areas such as an individual’s eye, nose, lips or neck, as these are the areas most vulnerable to dog bites and scarring. As skin in these areas is thinner, scars thus become more prominent. A dog bite victim is left with a permanent reminder of a painful and terrifying experience.

Dog bite victims may be left to deal with embarrassment and shame of having visible scars on their face, arms or legs for the rest of their lives. Keloids, which are the excess growth of scar tissue on the site of a healed skin injury, may also occur, thus affecting a victim’s appearance even further.

Severe injuries such as deep puncture wounds sustained from dog bites may require repeated medical treatment and surgical procedures to repair damaged tissue, treat or prevent infection, as well as reduce the appearance of scars. In some situations, muscle and skin grafting, as well as tissue rearrangement may also be needed to restore movement, correct the appearance, and remove scars from a victim’s face or body.

Unfortunately, no specific amount of medical care can guarantee the correction or removal of scars resulting from dog bites or attacks. It is in your best interests to seek legal representation from an experienced dog bite attorney.

Hiring An Attorney

A dog bite victim and even the victim’s family undergo a painful and traumatic experience that leaves physical, emotional, financial, and mental scars. If a dog bites you in New Jersey, immediately contact a dog bite attorney from The Grossman Law Firm. A dog bite attorney should be able to help you determine whether you are eligible to file a claim, and will help you recover financial compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

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