Presa Canarios

A Presa Canario is a very large, stubborn and dominant dog, and it is a breed that requires socialization and obedience training. If Presa Canarios are not socialized with other dogs at an early age, then they may not be able to peacefully co-exist with another dominant dog breed. This dog breed is strong-tempered, and is not generally recommended for new or novice dog owners.

Presa Canarios are known to be among the most dangerous of all dog breeds, as they are extremely protective of what they believe to be their territory. This breed has been linked to a number of fatal attacks, and an attack by this dog breed is very likely to result in severe injuries or even death.

The aggressive nature of a Presa Canario can lead to victim’s sustaining short-term or even permanent injuries. Scarring, broken bones, cuts and lacerations, and disfigurement are among some of more common injuries that can result from these attacks.

Determining Liability in Presa Canario Dog Attacks

The cost of injuries from Presa Canario dog attacks can be very high, particularly when injuries from these bites and attacks are life changing. These injuries can greatly impact a victim’s life.

If an individual’s Presa Canario bites or attacks another person, then the dog owner may be held liable for the victim’s sustained injuries. Although it may still depend on the state’s dog bite laws and leash laws, dog owners generally pay for the victim’s medical bills and other related expenses.

Hiring An Attorney

Dog bite or attack victims from a Presa Canario may sustain severe traumatic physical and emotional injuries. A dog bite victim may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or may develop an unhealthy fear of dogs.

If a Presa Canario or any other dog breed has bitten you, consult with a New Jersey dog bite attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney from The Grossman Law Firm will be familiar with the complexities of the New Jersey dog bite laws, and will help you file a claim against the negligent dog owner.

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