Stray Dogs

A stray dog is a dog with no home, or a dog with no apparent owner. If a stray dog bites you, it may be extremely difficult to pursue a personal injury claim, as you must have to file a claim against a dog handler or owner in most cases.

If you are able to identify the owner of the stray dog and specific liability conditions are met, then you may be able to obtain financial compensation for your injuries. It is best to seek legal representation from an experienced New Jersey dog bite attorney to increase your odds of receiving compensation.

Dealing with a Stray Dog

If you find a sick or injured stray dog, keep in mind that it may possibly bite or attack you should you attempt to approach or assist it. If you find a stray dog, keep in mind the following:

•    Do not back the stray dog into a corner. The dog may be scared, and may attack you if it feels threatened or scared.

•    Speak to the stray dog in a clam and quiet manner, all while keeping your distance. Do not raise your distance, and do not make and sudden movements that may frighten the dog and cause it to bite or attack.

•    While keeping an eye on the stray dog, call a local shelter or animal control to report its whereabouts.

•    If you are with children, carefully explain to them the importance of not approaching a stray dog, even if it is sick or injured. If your children see a stray dog, teach them to let any adult or authority figure know about it.

Hiring an Attorney

If a stray dog or any kind of dog bites you and you sustain injuries, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the individual or entity responsible for the attack. Consult with a capable New Jersey dog bite attorney from The Grossman Law Firm as soon as possible. An attorney will fight for your legal rights and help you obtain full compensation for your injuries and losses.

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