Dog Parks

All New Jersey dog parks were created to provide dog owners with a venue to let their pets roam freely and interact with other dogs. Some dog owners bring overly aggressive dogs to the dog park, while other owners bring timid dogs that have not yet been socialized or trained. Of course, when dogs are given the freedom to play around with other dogs, chances are high that there will be the occasional dog attack or fight.

Determining Liability in Dog Park Dog Attacks

When a dog bite or attack occurs in a dog park, determining liability can be rather difficult. Is the dog park responsible, or is the dog owner liable? There is no clear cut answer to these questions, as the issue of liability for dog bites in dog parks is often legally handled differently compared to elsewhere. Victims of dog bites or attacks that occur in dog parks, however, often have majority of the rights in dog parks as they would have in any other environment.

Although some dog parks make the use of leashes optional, dog owners are not completely let off the hook should their dog injure or attack another dog or dog owner. Simply put, leash-optional dog parks simply mean that city leash laws do not strictly apply inside the park. Many New Jersey dog bite laws still apply in a dog park, including the owner’s liability when it comes to a dog attacking or biting another individual.

Hiring A Dog Bite Attorney

If you are bitten or injured, or if your dog was hurt or even killed while at a dog park, it is important that you speak with a dog bite attorney right away. A dog bite attorney from The Grossman Law Firm will be able to properly assert your rights and help you obtain full compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and related costs.

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