Rottweiler is a breed of dog very much known for having an aggressive nature and protective instincts, especially when they feel that their owners are being threatened. It is for this reason that many homeowners choose Rottweilers in order to protect their homes. Unfortunately, the overprotectiveness of a Rottweiler can manifest in dangers and even deadly bites.

While Rottweilers are treasured and obedient family pets, they do bite and attack other individuals when they feel that their families are in danger, even if that is not the case. In terms of dog attacks and causing other people bodily harm, Rottweilers come in second after Pit Bulls.

Rottweilers are large in size and have strong jaws. Common examples of injuries that can result from Rottweiler bites are cuts and lacerations, bone factures, scarring, brain damage, and disfigurement.

Determining Liability in Rottweiler Dog Attacks

Dog owners must make it a point to follow all the leash laws and dog bite laws of their state. Generally, however, all dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs. If an individual’s Rottweiler bites or attacks another person, then the owner will likely have to take care of the victim’s medical bills, injuries, missed days at work, future medical care, and other related expenses.

Hiring An Attorney

Victims of dog bites or attacks from whatever breed of dog may sustain traumatic physical and emotional injuries. A victim may suffer from a fear of dogs or experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

If a Rottweiler has bitten you or someone close to you, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should also seek legal counsel from a New Jersey Dog Bite Attorney from The Grossman Law Firm immediately. A knowledgeable lawyer will understand the complexities involved in New Jersey dog bite laws, and will be able to best guide you through the legal process of filing a claim.

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